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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Paint & Body Perfectors to repair my vehicle?
We are collision repair experts who have served the middle Tennessee area for over 35 years. We are independently owned and operated. We take pride in repairing your vehicle. We only continue to grow through referrals and ensure every customer is satisfied with our repairs. Our repairs come with a lifetime warranty.

What is the difference between a unibody and a frame structure?
The only vehicles that have a frame structure, where the body of a vehicle is bolted to a solid frame, are pickup trucks and larger SUVs. All other vehicles are what we call a unibody structure. That is where the inner structure of a vehicle acts as the frame.

How can I get a police report if my accident happened on private property?
In Davidson County, you can call 862-8600, or visit the Metro Police website and print off a copy to file a delayed accident report.

Do I have to use the repair facility referred to me by my insurance?
No matter the insurance company, you are able to choose who does your repairs. Here at Paint & Body Perfectors, we work with all insurance companies. We back up our repairs with a lifetime warranty.

What is the difference between OEM, aftermarket, reconditioned and LKQ parts?
There are different types of parts used during the repair process. Here at Paint & Body Perfectors, we only use parts that we can give a warranty on. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are from the dealer/manufacturer. Aftermarket parts are cosmetically the same as OEM parts; they are just made by another manufacturer. Reconditioned (reman/recon) are OEM parts that were damaged and then repaired. LKQ (like, kind and quality) parts are removed from vehicles at a recycling facility and sold as assemblies to repair shops.

Frequently Asked Questions